Lorraine Sanders

Lorraine Sanders

San Francisco, CA
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LORRAINE SANDERS is a journalist, blogger, media consultant and author of Style Bytes, a regular San Francisco Chronicle column covering the intersection of fashion and technology. She is founder of Digital Style Digest and SF Indie Fashion and has written for FastCompany.com, 7×7, NBC Bay Area, Refinery29, KQED’s Spark!, Daily Candy, BUST and many others. She is a graduate of Brown University and holds a masters in communications from Stanford University. Visit her online at www.lorrainesanders.com.

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Fash-tech fatigue? - San Francisco Chronicle

After a two-year stretch of watching quirkily named fashion startups beget themselves faster than the racks refresh at H&M, the e-mail I received from a prelaunch company hoping to win a pitch contest and debut a new fashion community under that name was like the electronic communique equivalent of car tires screeching during some idiot teenager's doughnut session. Just the day before, the Business of Fashion, an insidery must-read news site for those in the industry, ran a story with the headline "Is There a Fashion Tech Bubble?" And earlier this month, New York's Third Wave Fashion, a consultancy known for its work with fashion startups, launched the first database cataloging fashion tech companies. [...] Wave Fashion's database counts 47 companies using a subscription model a la Birchbox. "Yes, we are bombarded with a new fashion startup with some technology tie-in every time we turn around, it seems, but I don't think we have experienced a 'bubble,' " says Jennifer Margolin, a S

Best of the Bay 2013: Style

As credited | Photo: Leslie Williamson, Justin Kerr...

Booking Beauty Anytime, Anywhere | Rent The Runway Blog

Whether you’re an admitted beauty fiend or a clear-polish-only die hard, it would be hard to deny that the beauty booking ways of the past have long needed a serious makeover. Luckily for all of us appointment seekers out there, it’s easier than ever to book beauty services online and via smartphones.   Image via Fashion Magazine   Here’s a...

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Beauty may be only skin deep. But the bond between the average woman and her chosen face wash, moisturizer, or liquid eyeliner? Try seriously deep. Like you couldn’t pry them from her cold,...

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Deftly managing the average email inbox of today means constant pruning performed like some kind of digital bonsai master.